Could the shortage of Lithium scupper increase of the electric car sales? 

Elected officials have declared that Europeans must adopt electric cars, and ensure that they are trying to strengthen early withdrawal of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) powered cars. However, a fundamental battery component shortage, lithium could scupper that idea and force car manufacturers to get back to the drawing board.

Professionals say present lithium supplies are sufficient for the current electric car world market share of around 2.6 percent and perhaps will maintain pace with the anticipated augmentation towards 14 percent in Europe before the year 2025, however, after the demand will outdo supply and probably halt the forecasted powerful boost in electric vehicle sales. 

Some activists, politicians, and enthusiasts’ experts anticipate the sales of battery electric vehicles (BEV) to come close to 50 percent of the world market before the year 2030; however, lithium supplies are unlikely to achieve the needed battery demand.  

The European Union (EU) has come up with a policy insisting that car producers raise standard fuel effectiveness on modern cars from around 57 miles per gallon in the United States in 2020/2021 to up to 92 mpg before the year 2030. It would need a massive BEV’s majority unless the European Union gets persuaded to reduce the necessities, which several people say will damage the European auto industry.

It asks questions about the law of automotive producers, which have been relentlessly looking to match ICE cars’ range and power. It means that the enormous battery usage that calls into issue one of the main reasons for electric vehicles, which is their clean, electrifying quality. As electrical car demand increases, the cost of several primary materials used in making the batteries such as copper, cobalt, lithium, and nickel might be questioning the entire design direction.

It could make much sense while trying a different tack and manufacture a no-frills electric car having smaller batteries, just efficient for home shopping and commuting. An overvalued golf-cart really could rate a fraction of the cost of a regular ICE car, for instance, $6,000 compared with the present value in Europe for a little electric sedan of around $40,000. It would contain the by-product of forcing elected officials to acknowledge ICE-powered vehicles will be available for many years.  

However, according to statistics provider IHS Markit, the supply of lithium could be somewhat simple because though elected officials grandstand regarding how they plan on creating a zero-carbon world and get rid of the ICE cars. 


By Laura Price

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