Lockheed Martin plans to partner with Tyvak and Telesat to deliver on the SDA agreement 

Lockheed Martin reported its intention of utilizing payloads from Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems to develop satellites and deliver them as per the Space Development Agency (SDA) deal. The firm chose Telesat from Canada to offer technical assurance in their delivery of these satellites. 

The SDA chose Lockheed Martin and York Space Systems to each come up with 10 satellites that will form the Transport Layer Tranche 0 constellation. This constellation will be maneuvering through the low-Earth orbit. The chief of military space strategies at Lockheed, Eric Brown, uttered that the satellites will operate under the Tyvak Mavericks framework and would weigh less than 210 kilograms. 

Brown states that they are ready to work under the framework of Tyvak since it is within their limit. He added that the success of this mission will prove to SDA that Lockheed Martin can deliver the satellites that are feasible for Pentagon operations. With the tutelage of Telesat, the firm hopes that it can commercialize its interconnection technology and attract more future projects within this constellation. 

Initially, Lockheed Martin delivered a quality space connection system to Tyvak called Pony Express. Brown admitted that this success put the firm in a better position to attract the SDA contract. The Transport Layer constellation will be providing linkage from ground facilities to the satellites in the low-Earth orbit and back to the location given by the military. This cycle will go on until the military customer attains the satisfaction that they have paid to enjoy in this communication network. 

The SDA contract articulates that seven satellites will connect in four pathways to the spacecraft in an intertwined linkage. The remaining three will have minor linkages for a spacecraft with Brown adding that there is a capable firm working on the linkage patterns. 

Bron reiterates that the satellite will link with the military routers and the broadcast station. He further announced that satellites will make a connection to the Lockheed Martin spacecraft to obtain the encrypted military intelligence and analyze it before sending the proper data through the same secure channel. 

To sum up, the senior executive of SDA, Derek Tournear, stated that their choice of Lockheed Martin was because it is costly given that they have investigated in advanced technology. He further muttered that this company is the one reliable firm when it comes to understanding space missions and delivering quality payloads. With such trends in space missions, the space industry must be ready for competition from private companies, private commercials, and integrated agencies. 


By Laura Price

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