NOAA explores the market for the commercial weather data sources 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) intend to dispense a plea for data around September to gain knowledge on the kind of information the agency intends to gather through satellite. Vanessa Griffin from the NOAA stated during a webinar in SpaceNews that they were heading back to the industry to probe about their business intentions, gather and obtain dissimilar kinds of environmental information.

As per the reactions, NOAA shall determine whether to do a fresh Commercial Weather Data Pilot program such as the one employed to assess commercial radio occultation information. NOAA initiated a slate in 2016 to assessed radio occultation information given by non-governmental agencies. This Commercial Weather Data Pilot ended around June alongside a report finalizing, “the business sector is competent in offering the quality of information necessitated to back up NOAA’s operational weather projecting necessities.

At the onset of this month, the NOAA dispensed a plea on regards to occultation information proposals. Griffin remarked that they anticipated bestowing deals, those were indeterminate-delivery, and indeterminate-quantity deals, around the middle of November alongside information delivery to commence on the festive month.

Originally the firm was expected to buy a small quantity of radio occultation information to guarantee that it bore the correct devices in place to take that information into their working models and their working processing streams, the entire system that needed to speak to one another and shift the information around. Griffin stated. Later, the organization intends to put up bigger orders, she added. While still at that, NOAA are investigating the market for fresh commercial information sources.

The firm’s NOAA Satellite Observing System Architecture research, finished in 2018, reckoned that the firm should depend in the future on a hybrid architecture that comprises of both government satellites and commercial information whereby it was present. They displayed their capabilities to certify the NOAA necessities and operation desires, Griffin stated.

At this moment, the NOAA wishes to be acquainted with what is present. Griffin once more remarked that the method employed for offering data was wide open. Hence, they were expounding at all the dissimilar themes that they were presently backing with their satellite information as well as being capable of offering satellite information in reaction to those thematic regions. 


By Laura Price

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