Renault’s moment of glory as it topples Volkswagen and Tesla in Europe

Renault has witnessed an impressive boomer in its sales, with profit margins escalating beyond those of Tesla. This French carmaker EV model has outmatched the Model 3 of Tesla to become Europe’s leading EV seller in the first half of 2020. 

This model, which currently stands at a wager of $37000, first graced the global automotive industry in 2009 at the Frankfurt motor display. The head of Renault then, Carlos Ghosn, paraded this model as a future car for families, which would mark the beginning of clean transportation. 

In 2012, the car started upgrading with various modifications and rebooted to customize and suit consumers’ preferences and tastes. Last year, the carmaker company made a breakthrough with its four-door hatchback beating industry giants like Tesla Model 3, Nissan Motor Leaf, and Volkswagen electric Golf. 

Jato Dynamics’ auto industry analyst Felipe Munoz states that this car has been in the market for quite a while, and this record-breaking 38000 units sale is a modified version of the vehicle. He reiterates that the escalating sales are a product of aggressive technological and design changes to create a befitting customer car. 

The rising EV sales are no longer a wonder keeping in mind the continuous efforts by governments like France and Germany to shift to electric-powered transport systems. For instance, the French government is investing over €12000 in incentives and subsidies for a single EV to trigger the demand for these cars and transition the nation to clean transportation. On the other hand, Germany is pouring as much as €9,000 in incentives for a single electric vehicle. 

The wisdom behind the success of Renault is that they dish out an older model for test-driving in the streets of Paris to test its range, comfort, and drifting capacity. The car can maneuver through the busy Arc de Triomphe roundabout at a hypersonic acceleration while keeping a pick-up space. The car’s massive touchscreen can locate the charging stations in some lousy traffic French neighborhoods. The interior of the vehicle is exquisitely black with a manual temperature control press. 

The car can carry four people with the fifth making the car tighter than the standard. The challenge is that the vehicle’s seats are impeccably non-adjustable, making the ride hectic for tall people. 

Remodeling of the Zoe last year came with findings that it is an imitation of the outgoing model. The exceptional differences are braking speed, range, power, and an exuberant interior.  All the models displayed a breathtaking sharp brake and drifting while accelerating through the Parisian streets. 

Although the pandemic cleared the streets for such drives, streets are slowly filling up with the lifting off of lockdown. The Zoe is known for operating steadily in urban centers courtesy of its extricate shape and drifting capacity. 

In conclusion, Renault has attracted competition from upcoming models like Volkswagen’s ID.3, Peugeot 208, and Opel Corsa. Bloomberg’s analyst Michael Dean anticipates a plunge in sales for Renault Zoe once ID.3 enters the auto market because of its technological add-ons.


By Laura Price

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