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Justin Timberlake jest by saying 24-hour parenting is “Not Human”

Justin and wife Jessica Biel outset to clamp under the stress of 24-hour parenting that the COVID-19 pandemic has produced.

On Wednesday, the singer showed up through video chat on SiriusXM’s. He talked about self-isolating with his wife and 4-year-old son Silas in Montana. He informed viewers that all of them are in good health.

However, he made a joke about taking care of his son the entire day not having any perks of daycare is ‘not just human’. He also said that his son will sometimes give him a look of restlessness.

At the time of the interview, Justin disclosed that he and Jessica are taking walks at their place in Montana amid the Coronavirus pandemic. He also conveyed the message to the viewers to remain safe and be alright during these tough situations.

The actor and singer expressed being blessed to be able to self-quarantine in a place like Montana. Since, they are still having the privilege of enjoying the outdoors, and endure social-distancing from other people suitably.

Even though both of them on self-quarantined right now, Justin and Jessica are going well with their relationship which is strong and secure. The one and only thing they have to accord with is taking care of their son all around the day.