The insufficiency of charging infrastructure could pose a threat to the EV firms in Europe with Tesla’s exemption.

Insufficient car charging infrastructure could impede the uptake of electric vehicles in Europe and the mileage range anxieties. Europe has witnessed the development of a mix of different charging stations, making it difficult for the variety of EV designs to enjoy these facilities unless they are Tesla cars. Tesla is an exemption because it has its systems based on various strategic points.

The cheap electric cars are affordable because their prices range at $40000 and not because of easy access to charging facilities. Additionally, these vehicles are suitable for urban roads and not the degenerate rural roads. The plausible way to ascend these uneven roads is reducing the speed, and at the same time, people are anxious about the mileage range when they must maintain the 70mph speed on highways. It is easy to approximate the refill point for an ICE car, but for EVs, you are uncertain of the recharging station since most of these facilities are not widespread.

The other upcoming challenge is the expectation that you subscribe to the firm’s services offering the charging facility before you can use it. Contrary to diesel engine cars, the EVs come with this undoing for its customers, rendering them unreliable. An EV owner who is yet to subscribe to the firm offering charging facilities will have to go through a long procedural service before enjoying the recharging service. The EV developers and the stakeholders in this sector must develop a mechanism that will negate this quagmire.

Many EV owners are complaining that despite subscribing to the service on mobile phones, they had to wait for authentication by the charging facility if it has these customers’ details before recharging his or her car. Therefore, most EV fanatics opt for Tesla, whose network of recharging facilities is widespread to meet their customers’ needs. Buying an electric vehicle from the other EV producers is a huge gamble that customers all over Europe are afraid to take.

Edmund King, the leader of AA, states that charging stations must think of a way to simplify the accessibility of their services, especially now that there is a growing demand for electric vehicles. King added that the British federal government is mounting pressure on charging companies to develop an all-round solution to this EV charging authentication problem. Finally, the chief of operations of the Center of Automotive Management (CAM), a German firm, Prof. Stefan Bratzel, reiterates that this challenge runs through Europe. Bratzel added that the European customers are complaining of unfavorable prices.


By Laura Price

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