USA Rare Earth Company Issues a 100% Renewable Power Program

The USA Rare Earth has committed itself to producing clean green energy operations in West Texas. West Texas is known to be among the best places for the production of solar power. The area records 292 days of sunshine annually with an average of 10 hours of sun a day. Its flatlands in the North West Round Top Mountain are at an elevation of 4000 feet.  With this, the US Rare Earth will require an estimate of 15 MW for supporting mining and processing. It also estimates that it will require a solar farm approximately 45 acres for the plan to work effectively.

The company can increase production if it relocates its sintered neo magnet manufacturing facility to the Round Top Mountain site. The area is large enough as it covers 60,000 acres of land. 60% of the materials produced in Round Top use green-tech applications and clean-tech. This renewable energy plan is essential because its production will be of clean, green, renewable applications. However, the process will also employ clean green, renewable sources of power. The plan will make the use of a net provider of clean energy globally.

China’s industrial democracies have been selling electrical devices, including cars, laptops, and mobile phones, claiming that they are clean and green. However, this is not the case as most of the materials for manufacturing these devices result in pollution, hence harming the lives of the entire population. The industries that produce these electrical devices have caused health problems for workers and inhabitants nearby.

The USA Rare Earth plan has vowed to end this hypocrisy from other multinational corporations. It aims to produce clean, green materials with a clean, green process that will cause no pollution to the environment. The plan will contribute to saving the world’s population in a significant way. The invention of the Round Top project is not only protecting the national security and industrial chain. It’s about the United States leading the way to clean materials for a safe environment.

Extracts from the round top deposits will be separated using an environmentally friendly efficient process .it is using the latest technology to recycle the electronic scrap and process waste to produce neo magnets from Round Top. Moreover, the USARE is planning to establish a mine for lithium in Round Top, similar to the battery approach. Therefore the Round Top will need storage of energy and trading for the renewable energy source. Also, the supply of the excess energy is necessary to the grid balance because of drawing power at night and in periods with low rates of irradiance.


By Laura Price

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