Coronavirus: Pret A Manger prepares rental payment chats in proposal to prevent closings

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A number of Pret’s outlets have actually currently resumed along with outlets conformed for social distancing.

Sandwich establishment Pret A Manger has actually hired professionals to aid renegotiate its own rental fees as it seeks to prevent establishment fasteners in the course of the coronavirus wide-ranging.

More than 300 of its own 400 outlets will certainly possess resumed since upcoming full week.

But the establishment is actually anticipating lessened tramp as white-collar worker remain to function coming from residence.

Chief manager Pano Christou stated Pret, like others, had actually been actually “significantly” conforming its own organisation version.

” Reduced tramp, mixed along with higher rental prices, have actually positioned sizable stress on our organisation,” he stated.

Mr Christou stated the firm was actually assembling a “crystal clear planning” to resolve the problems and also making great progression.

” While Pret might feel and look a bit various in the temporary, if our team take the correct actions today, our team’ll be sure that Pret can easily grow down the road,” he stated.

It follows sector physical body UK Hospitality recommended the federal government to locate an answer to the rental complications experiencing several companies in the straining friendliness field.


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