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Airport On-ground Services Market Outlook 2020 | Top Key Players Analysis, Trends, Global Size Forecast To 2027

The global airport on-ground services market is estimated to be driven by the growing development in the infrastructure of the aviation industry. Across the globe millions of passengers travel by air every year. To cater to the needs of such humungous volume of passengers, people have been working around the clock at airport premises to handle flights, people, and freights and baggage. These people are known as ground staff.

Ground handlers handle baggage and freight. Ground handlers are employees of airports or airline companies. In addition to baggage handling, they also do some odd jobs while making the plane ready for its flight. The duties of ground handlers very between airlines and airports and there are quite a few tasks that are common to most of the positions. Ground staff generally works under some stress, however, at the same time, they need to handly, both passengers and baggage, with care.

On the basis of services, the global airport on-ground services market are classified into five different types, these are:

  • Freight and baggage handling
  • Passenger service
  • Tickets
  • Catering
  • Lounge and Premium Services

The global airport on-ground services market is estimated to be driven by developments in the aviation industry. With the rise in the number of air travelers, congestion in airports are increasing, thereby creating more demand for airport on-ground services. As such, many countries and governments are making substantial investment in developing the infrastructure to offer improved cargo and passenger carrying capacity to the airports.

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With the rise in the number of passengers traveling by air, the airlines have expanded their size of the fleet to cater to increasing needs. This has led to increased frequency of aircraft movements, which is likely to boost growth of the global airport on-ground services market over the forecast tenure. It is also expected that privatization of airports will support growth of the market as well.

Airport On-ground Services Market - Introduction

  • Airport on-ground services plays a vital role in the aviation industry, and the market is expected to witness enormous growth in the forthcoming years. Airport on-ground services are becoming complex in nature as the number of activities involved are growing in number, due to the increased passenger traffic and number of aircraft fleet.
  • Airport on-ground services range from facilitating the activities related to customer experience to aircraft servicing. Demand for airport on-ground services is rising at a high pace, due to a rise in the number of airports across the globe.
  • Airport on-ground services include cargo handling services, aircraft handling, passenger check-in and check-out, transfer and arrivals, crew management, flight operation, and communication
  • Key players operating in the global airport on-ground services market are making efforts to handle busy airport environment efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

Key Drivers of Airport On-ground Services Market

Increased passenger traffic in Asia Pacific to drive demand for airport on-ground services

  • According to International Air Transport Association (IATA), passenger traffic across the globe is expected to be double to reach 8.2 billion by 2037.

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  • Consistent rise in passenger’s traffic is fueling the expansion of aircraft fleet and delivery. These factors demand better management services, which is a key factor attributed to the increasing demand for airport on-ground services.

North America to dominate global airport on-ground services market

  • North America is expected to account for a notable share of the global airport on-ground services market during the forecast period, primarily due to the presence of a considerably high number of airports in the U.S. Airports in the U.S. are spending significantly for on-ground services. The market in the U.S. is projected to expand at a considerable pace during the forecast period, which in turn is anticipated to drive the airport on-ground services market in the region.

Airport on-ground services market in Asia Pacific to expand significantly

  • The aviation industry in several countries in Asia Pacific is witnessing significant expansion. Passenger traffic across the globe is heading toward Asia Pacific. Countries such as India, China, and Indonesia are witnessing considerable economic expansion, increased disposable income, and improved standards of living, which in turn is fueling the number of passengers and travelers in the region.