Rise to 15% off designed tequila- * the * cocktail of summertime 2020

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TL; DR: Enjoy CaliFino’s 100% extremely fee tequila for as reduced as $3299, a 15% financial savings since July13

With tequila seltzers as well as could tropical drinks unexpectedly swamping the marketplace, it shows up that tequila might or even might certainly not be actually the cocktail of summertime2020 Do not feel it? Check out the graphes. Tequila purchases climbed approximately 55% coming from March to May simply in the U.S.

If you’re a tequila lover, congrats, you’re right now completely on-trend. There is actually obviously an increasing crave feelings created coming from the desert delicious agave. Y’ all are actually outrageous.

Lucky for you tequila fanatics, our team’ve acquired packages for you. You may stand up to 15% off CaliFino fee quality, 100% blue agave tequila. Plus free of cost freight.

Sourced coming from the Highlands of Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico, CaliFino Tequila makes use of cautious workmanship to protect that wonderful agave palate as well as fragrance, enabling you to take pleasure in the timber gun barrel palate of the getting older method. As a designed tequila, it can be found in 4 various taste ranges: Reposado, Blanco, Añejo, as well as Extra Añejo for your palate’s enjoyment.

The Reposado is actually aged 12 months in American White Oak Barrel as well as possesses deeper pointers of cooked agave as well as fresh fruit products along with a new citrus coating as well as a tip of vanilla. The Blanco tequila is your daily definite tequila in its own purest type. It is actually un-aged as well as possesses sweet pointers of vanilla, plant based, sweet lime citrus, as well as a hassle-free agave coating.

The Añejo, meanwhile, is actually aged 24 to 36 months in American White Oak Barrel as well as possesses a cozy, full-body, deeper cooked maple as well as agave luscious appearance. Bonus Añejo is actually the very most excessive, aged at the very least 7 years in American White Oak Barrel along with a French Oak Barrel Finish. It possesses the hottest, maximum physical body along with serious maple, sugar, as well as agave hanging around to perfectness.

To feed your summertime roguishness, you may receive the CaliFino Reposado 100% Ultra-Premium Blue Weber Agave Tequila for sale for $36 (10% off), the Blanco Tequila for sale for $3299 (5% off), the Añejo Tequila for sale for $51 (15% off), or even the Extra Añejo for sale for $102 (15% off). Upon acquisition, you’ll acquire an electronic certificate code to retrieve on the CaliFino web site. And also to that our team claim, Salud!


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