Elon Musk says that the 500km range to be the ‘New Normal’ speed of electric cars 

Elon Musk, Tesla co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, confirmed 500 kilometers as the “new normal’ range for electric vehicles as well as the ‘standard prospect’ of electric cars motorists. 

Musk stated that Tesla firm is working hard with its associates to make adjustments on the battery cells together with battery parks. Their efforts aim to reduce the costs and enhance the range of expanding fleet of electric cars. 

Having the ‘new normal’ electric vehicle range of 500 kilometers, drivers will have to understand the temperature and weather prevailing outside as well as e conversant with where they are driving to, for instance, a mountain or a hill.

Elon Musk understood that majority of people always want to arrive at their destinations in the shortest time possible, that is why they persuaded to have a competent margin. That is why Elon Musk planned to provide a 500-kilometre range, which he hopes will be relevant to EV drivers. 

Elon Musk also asserted that Shanghai Gigafactory in China is manufacturing Model 3 EV, and they have managed to attain a 300-kilometre range. The car has a phosphate battery park, also, having in mind a ‘whole package’ of powertrain and other efficiencies required in a vehicle. 

What Musk’s staff spot in their passenger motors is the efficiency of power train and tyres as well as the drug co-efficiency, practically, their total motor efficiency has become promising, especially with the Model 3. The company plans on having an iron phosphate battery batch that belongs to Model 3 in China, and that capacity of manufacturing such batteries will occur sometime later this year. 

Manufacturing a range of approximately 300 miles with a phosphate batch will help in providing more space over things such as Tesla Semi and other items that require more range volume. 

Elon Musk stressed mainly on manufacturing battery cells majoring mostly on either lithium-iron-phosphate or nickel-related technologies at competent prices. However, they will pose a severe constraint on the constant growth of the company, especially on its energy sector as well as EV sector. 

Any portion of the merchandise row at the level of the cell will become a significant impediment. For instance, it will require many operations from mining to refining to cathode and anode formation and lastly cell formation.  

The sad point is there will be a slowed development rate in the sector. To prevent the stunted growth from happening, the firm plans on doing its corporation with other companies such as the LG, Panasonic and CATL, with many more. 

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