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Apple to repair the ‘flaws’ in screens of their series 2 and 3 smartwatches

Apple has initiated a program in which the rare flaws in their smartwatches would be repaired for free. The reports from authorities claim that certain smartwatches of series 2 and series 3 have received some fine breakage in the screens which tends to aggravate as well. The screens tend to break in circular patterns causing the glass to come out of the face of the smartwatch. This particular frailty was observed in some cases which have influenced Apple to take the measures. But the services are available for the aluminium-chassis smartwatches of series 2 and series 3, bought between September 2016 and September 2019, along with the nike+ and cellular variants of the products. The series 0 and series 2 issues won’t be resolved and also for the latest series 4. Though, this indicates that Apple might cease the production of series 3 watches, post their Mega event in September for the launch of their new products.

Though there are not many cases of the flaws in the screens of these smartwatches, Apple sure knows how to deal with the issues faced by the customers. This is also the reason for the invincible number of sales and revenues generated by the organization, alone, 5.5 billion$ have been generated through the selling of smartwatches in the last quarter or so. But there are certain limitations as well. The improved conditions would not ensure the start of a new warranty clause and the warranty of the product would be considered from the date of buying the product. It also seems quite possible that the smartwatches would only be repaired in the country or region where it has been bought. Thus, it seems that this program would surely increase the loyalty of Apple-maniacs as the tech-icon has taken such a nice step for the convenience of its customers.

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