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The Game of the year, Spider-Man, is going to come back with a new edition!

Your favorite superhero, spider-man, is going to dominate the gaming community for a bit longer. Curious to know? Insomniac Game’s Spider-man for PS4 was a massive success with over 13 million copies sold around the globe. The popularity of the game was spiking before the initial release; just based on the trailer which revealed the remarkable gameplay. Its engaging gameplay with a compelling story mesmerized the world. The astonishing graphics, along with other factors, have won it the ‘Game of the Year’ Title. Now that Sony has taken over Insomniac Games, a sequel to the game is in progress for the PlayStation 5 gaming platform. But that’s not all the gamers are going to get.

Recent Amazon listing showcases a plausible release of Game of the year edition for Spider-man. The edition will most likely provide additional downloadable content for The City That Never Sleeps Arc, which was previously available in three different parts. With the additional DLC, the size of the game will measure around a whopping 70 gigabytes. Since its release, the game has been in constant updates for interactive gameplay, and smooth performance. The updates also came with free costumes and other improvements.

The release date or price of the edition is not clear. It will most likely fall around the standard price list of the game. The huge DLC size proposes that the content will be available as Download Code rather than in the Disk of the game. Whether the edition gets a new update version or releases with the current version is also not clear. The edition should be able to provide adequate experience to the fan of the web-slinger until the sequel rolls out. Sony is most likely going to boost the development of the sequel for their new Play Station 5 platform, especially with their taker-over on Insomniac Games.

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