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AutoX tested its self-driven vehicle in metropolitan cities

We all know that traffic situations in California and many other states in the U.S are pretty much good and simple and mostly all the pedestrians obey the traffic rules. The countries have less traffic congestion as the population in the areas is spread out. Though it seems good for human drivers, it won’t be of much help to the people who are behind developing autonomous cars as these require to learn and adapt things from different situations that they face.

A 20-minute test drive of AutoX’s robotaxi was performed, and the team noticed that the car only had to hit break once when another car came upfront from the parking spot. Otherwise, the overall ride was smooth, and the robotaxi managed to keep up with 65 miles per hour with several stops at traffic lights.

We have reports that AutoX robotaxi has been designed in a way that it is more dependent on cameras than any other sensors that have been used inside the car.

Recently, AutoX, in one of the statements mentioned that it is the only company in china which has tested robotaxi in metropolitan areas. And all the credit goes to the strong technology, and a good relationship with the government said AutoX.

“Authorities in China have taken a more conservative approach to public-road testing of autonomous vehicles — probably a good thing, as traffic conditions in China are more chaotic, making the likelihood of serious accidents at this early stage much greater,” said Mark Natkin, founder of research consultancy Marbridge Consulting in Beijing.

“It will take driverless vehicle firms in China longer to refine their respective technologies to the point that they can safely navigate all the different scenarios here, but in the process, they will end up with a stronger product that could be deployed almost anywhere in the world,” he added.

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