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Apple to introduce ‘foldable iPad’ with 5G connectivity in 2020: Reports

A recent report has confirmed that Apple is planning to come up with a foldable iPad in 2020. The iPad, besides being foldable, will also feature 5G connectivity, and the screen size of the device will be close to that of a MacBook.

Recently, a researcher from IHS Markit, Jeff Lin, in one of his posts over the internet mentioned that Apple is planning a foldable iPad to compete with the dual-screen Surface that Microsoft will soon release in the market.

The report is focused on the impact this product could have on the supply chain and concludes that it would mean an increased demand for components.

Lin, in his posts, did not mention many details about the new device and neither did he mentioned the source from where he got the details about the foldable iPad. Besides providing information that the upcoming iPad will be foldable, Lin mentioned that it would be equipped with Apple’s A-series processors and the size of the iPad will be similar to the MacBook.

Lin did not mention that which MacBook screen will iPad get and neither did he mentioned that the screen size which he is talking about refers to when the foldable iPad is opened or closed.

Talking about Apple’s current iPad Pro lineup, the device comes with a 12.9-inch screen whereas the screen size of a MacBook is 12 inches, and a MacBook Air’s is 13.3-inches. MacBook Air is available in the market in two models with either a 13.3-inch screen or a 15.4-inch screen.

Our news sources have also reported that Apple will introduce 5G technology in its upcoming iPhones in 2020. And this news confirms that there is a possibility that iPad with similar technology will hit the market anytime soon.




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