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Google leaks its Pixel 4 concept

Recently Google itself leaked an image of the Pixel 4, but the image of the smartphone that Google showed on the internet was only from the backside. If you will notice the design of the smartphone, the bezel is on the thicker side of the smartphone and will house two front cameras. The bottom bezel or chin is a bit chunky too but not as much as the top.

Talking about the back of the Pixel 4, the image shows a square bump for the camera array and flash. We have reports that the design of the camera that Google has leaked is pretty much similar to what is expected from Apple’s iPhone 11. One thing that the image does not show is how far out this bump juts from the rest of the design.

The image clearly shows that on the right-hand side of the smartphone, there is a power button and volume rocker. The design that Google has introduced in its Pixel 4 is pretty much unique, and it is different from all the other concepts that other smartphone manufacturers are working upon. With pixel 4 you need not deal with a pop-up camera which has chances of breakage over time.

Though the design which Google has come up is unique, it is not that attractive, and the image that we have seen is not the most flattering of photos. This gives another reminder that Google tends to excel at software, but there is no progress in terms of hardware.

On the other hand, other smartphone makers, including Oppo and Xiaomi, are looking forward to work on bezel-free designs that hide the front camera under the display. Hiding front camera under the display is the more advanced way to ditch the notch. There are reports that Samsung is also working on a similar concept, but it won’t be introduced in the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.


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