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Nintendo’s Switch Lite Is Getting Pokemon Sword & Shield Edition

Nintendo is pretty much popular in the market for not only releasing different models of its gaming hardware but also for manufacturing game-themed consoles. These consoles are shipped in unique colors which supports the theme of the games on which the consoles are based.

Our news sources have reported that Nintendo recently announced its plans regarding the release of new hardware variations of its Nintendo Switch. The new hardware which Nintendo has been working upon is Nintendo Switch Lite which is a handheld-only model of the Switch. The console is scheduled to get a release date anytime soon in September.

There are reports that the new device will be available in three different color options, but those who are patient will get a fourth option in November, and it might be the best-looking one of the punch. Also, to mark the release of the new game Pokemon Sword and Shield, Nintendo will also release the special edition of the device which will be a Pokemon-themed version of the Switch Lite.

The new themed version of the console will be called the “Zacian and Zamazenta Edition,” and it has been named after the two Legendary Pokemon that you will see in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The device has been designed with a gray tone and will have blue and magenta face buttons. The artwork of the two creatures will grace the back of the console, according to reports.

There are reports that the “Zacian and Zamazenta Edition” of the Nintendo Switch is scheduled to release on November 8 for $200. The price that Nintendo has kept for its special edition model will be the same as the other Nintendo Switch Lite models. And Sword and Shield games will not be included with the device and players have to purchase the game separately.

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